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RefresHER (6030)

December 5, 2019 $5
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Dates & Times

  • Dec 5, 2019
    6:00pm - 8:00pm

Attendee Types

  • 1. The Comparison Game
  • 2. The Best YES
  • 3. Self-Acceptance - Enneagram
  • 4. The Empty Nester
  • 5. Loving Others - Enneagram


Through "RefresHER", our hope is that women find inspiration, encouragement, and support. We will meet once a month to enjoy interacting with new friends, hearing from wonderful speakers and learning from each other through great discussions in breakout sessions. This is the perfect opportunity to take an initial step in community.

During the registration process you will be asked to select one breakout session to attend.

This month's topic: "Enneagrams"

KidCare registration deadline is November 28, 2019. Click Here to register for KidCare.

Breakout Sessions:
1. The Comparison Game -Chesson Hazlewood - We’ve all played it. Have you ever failed at something but didn’t realize you had failed until after you saw that girl on Instagram make it look so easy? Have you felt you missed your calling because she does it so much better? God created YOU for a purpose, and you have something unique to share with everyone. Let’s flip the script and lift one another up – even cheer for each other while they use their gifts in the ways only they can! Let’s put the comparison game to bed one last time. Join me and let’s chat about it!
2. The Best YES - Nicole Heimgartner - It’s early December…and somehow, most of us are already tired, feeling behind. Is your Christmas schedule full? Do you feel like endless demands are ruling your heart? Let’s explore some ways to use our own identity- who God created us to be- to re-evaluate our time. Let’s talk about how to make decisions using a third option: 1) yes 2)no and 3) the best yes during this Christmas season.
3. Self-Acceptance, the Enneagram - Jenna Burns - Self-doubt and self-acceptance take you in opposite directions. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is accept all the weird, quirky ways in which God made you. Understanding your enneagram number can open up an entire new world to knowing not only how to love yourself better, but how to help the people in your life know and love you better. While not required, it might be helpful to complete an enneagram assessment before attending.
4. The Empty Nestor - Jenny Stephens - When you've been known as his mom or her mom for a large portion of your life so many of your activities and social events revolve around that title. But when you've succeeded in raising your kids and they are living their own lives you might find yourself asking "who am I now?" We will talk about some ways to make that transition a little easier, focus on the positive, find a new mission, and even enjoy your new found availability - guilt free.
5. Loving Others' Enneagrams - Ami Stevens - All of us desire to feel loved but how do we love our enneagram numbers the “right” way? Join me in talking about weaknesses that are turned into strengths by learning to love in a language your spouse, friend and/or children understand!